Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge




21/03: PRL for Jörg and our friends from San Sebastian. Enhorabuena!

20/02: Double strike! Angewandte for Jörg, and Angewandte for Jelena. Congratulations!

27/01: Congratulations to our new doctor, Reinhard Maurer, for successfully defending his PhD thesis today!

01/01: With the new year we welcome three new members to our group of PhD students: Simon Rittmeyer, Markus Sinstein and Simone Köcher, good luck!

05/12: Dr. Katharina Diller official winner of the 2013 Ernst-Eckhard-Koch-Prize:

18/11: Chiara got a prestigious Humboldt fellowship! Congratulations!

5/11: Vanessa beats all records: 25 Mio CPU-h award on SuperMUC within the Gauss Large Scale Computing Call!

5/11: Three new members to our group: Georg Michelitsch, Juan Manuel Lorenzi, and Dr. Thomas Stecher! Welcome!

25/10: Congratulations to Dr. Dennis Palagin, who successfully defended his PhD thesis today!

23/10: Welcome to the new member of our group, Dr. Chiara Panosetti!