09.07. We proudly host the FHI-aims Users & Developers Workshop. Welcome to our colleagues!

27.06. Marvin Lechner receives a Manchot Study Award for his outstanding MSc studies. Congratulations!

01.06. They never really left, welcome Sina Stocker and Simon Wengert as PhD students.

19.04. We're part of the new German Priority Program on "Catalysts and Reactors for Energy Storage and Conversion under Dynamic Operation Conditions". $$$

15.03. Mie wins the Gerhard Ertl Young Investigator Award 2018. Epic!

08.03. Yonghyuk obtains a DAAD fellowship. Congratulations!

01.03. Back again as PhD student, welcome to Martin Deimel.

01.03. Craig convinces Lercher and makes it into JACS. Strike!

21.02. May we introduce: Dr. Markus Sinstein! Congratulations!

02.02. The amazing Province of Latina will host our upcoming group workshop.

01.02. Welcome back to Jakob Filser, now as our new PhD student!

26.01. Karsten receives the Frontiers in Chemical Energy Science Award 2018.

18.01. And our first doctor of 2018: Dr. Zhu Liu! Well done!