31/07: PD (!) Dr. Harald Oberhofer is the recipient of the 2017 Hans-Fischer-Memorial Award. Congratulations!

21/07: Check out the pics from our group retreat in Heiligenhafen.

10/07: A big welcome to our newest member in the group, Albert Bruix!

09/06: Harald's Opus is accepted. Read it in Chem. Rev.!

02/06: Jakob receives a PhD stipend from the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt). Congratulations!

01/06: A big welcome back to Cristina Grosu - now as a PhD student!

24/05: We look forward to welcoming Prof. Patrick Rinke (Aalto University) as a August-Wilhelm Scheer Visiting Professor this summer!

17/05: Next strike for the battery team: Nano Letters for Hendrik!

10/05: And the next excellent PhD in the house: Dr. Stefan Ringe!

26/04: The next paper for the Stanford axis: Saskia makes it into Chem. Mater.

16/04: ACS Catal. for Mie and our friends from Stanford. Congratulations!

01/04: And another new member to our group, welcome to Johannes Margraf!

10/03: The "Solar Technology Goes Hybrid" Initiative will be extended. $$$$

01/03: A big welcome to our new group members: Simiam Ghan, Christian Kunkel, and Mattia Peluchetti! And welcome back Jakob!

31/01: Read our perspective on active site models in computational catalyst screening!

24/01: Our screening activities identified an excellent new doctor: Dr. Christoph Schober. Congratulations!

03/01: Big triumph for our MOF lady: Lydia makes it into Adv. Mat.! (BTW: accepted paper #3 of the year. Cake galore!)

20/12: We have a new Doctor, and with distinction: Dr. Vanessa J. Bukas!

6/12: Hohoho! The merry theorists rock their Xmas party once again! Meeerry Christmas & a happy New Year!

24/11: Another one for our new house journal: Phys. Rev. Lett. for Thomas and Harald. Splendid!

23/11: Welcome to our new PhD student, Ahmad Agung!

29/10: Karsten receives the "Best PhD Supervisor" Award from the German Society of Chinese Chemists and Chemical Engineers.

19/10: Beating the 3% acceptance ratio: We're part of the EU-funded project LMCat! $$$$

12/10: Frictionless into Phys. Rev. Lett.! A great one for Simon, Patrick and our friends from Cambridge!

04/10: And the next J. Phys. Chem. Lett.! Daniel and Harald embed our friends in Mülheim. Well done!

03/10: A big welcome to our newest group member Daniel Opalka!

26/09: The group goes Wiesn

24/09: With high mobility into J. Phys. Chem. Lett. - Congratulations to Christoph and Harald!

19/09: A big welcome to our newest visitor, Prof. Natália Cordeiro from the University of Porto!

14/09: Another great international food evening at... Karsten's cantina! 

10/09: Late Chem. Phys. Lett. for Berna and Julian. No more headaches!

02/09: Vanessa diffuses into Phys. Rev. Lett. Congratulations!

01/09: A big welcome back to our group Patrick Gütlein and Christoph Muschielok, now as PhD students!

22/07: FHI-aims developer's & users meeting held at the new TUM.Computational! See the pics!

05/07: Juan and Sebastian make it into ACS Catalysis. Enhorabuena!

04/07: Lucas Lang will receive a Manchot Award for his outstanding study performance. Well done!

24/06: Dr. Reinhard Maurer (aka Reini) wins the PWC Strategy& Presidential Award 2016. Congratulations!

23/06: Congratulations to Berna for successfully defending her PhD today!! 

20/06: Check out now pictures from our group Workshop on Monte Isola!