02.07. Nico receives a prestigious EuroTECH fellowship. Congrats!

01.07. Welcome to our new group member: Dr. Julius Hornung.

24.06. Check out our latest review in Nature Catalysis!

17.06. Christian is the recipient of the Evonik Research Award 2019. Congratulations!

06.06. We look forward to welcoming Prof. Boris Kozinsky (Harvard) as August-Wilhelm-Scheer Visiting Professor this summer!

29.05. Welcome to our new group member: Dr. Yu-te Chan!

23.05. Karsten holds the MCEC Lectureship 2019.

01.05. A new research fellow: A warm welcome to Dr. Nico Hörmann!

23.04. ACS Catal. for Daniel and Christoph. Excellent!

17.04. 10Mill. CPU-h for Mie on the Jülich Jewels Supercomputer approved! Happy crunching...

15.04. At long last: J. Phys. Chem. Lett. for Hendrik and our friends from Stanford. All's well that ends well!

15.04. Another student returns for a PhD: Welcome back Simon Annies.

03.04. A lonely defense, but the party will come: Congratulations, Dr. Simone Köcher!

22.03. Dr. Mitch rocks da house! Congratulations, Dr. Georg Michelitsch!

01.03. Energized and back: welcome to PhD students Carsten Staacke and Simeon Beinlich.

25.02. Simply the best: Christoph Hille (MSE) and Simeon Beinlich (Physics) receive awards for being best of their class! Congratulations!

19.02. ACS Catal. for Mie and our friends at the FHI. Splendid!

14.02. We're in the news! Blue-collar men at work...

05.02. Together with our friends from the LMU/MPI-FKF Yonghyuk makes it into Advanced Energy Materials. Excellent - a first e-conversion success!

03.02. Welcome to our new PhD students: Sina Stegmaier und Frederic Felsen!

01.02. We are part of the new DFG Priority Program on Perovskites! $$$

18.01. The group goes icehockey. Go EHC!

01.01. 2018 has been very successful, we're stoked about 2019 - Happy new year!

24.12.  What a nice Xmas present. Christian's Chem. Mater. is accepted. Congratulations!

19.12. Latest Doctor in the house: Dr. Zhen Yao! Congratulations and thanks for the great hot pot!

16.12. An acquisition from TU Berlin, a warm welcome to postdoc fellow Dr. Arobendo Mondal.

01.12. After a short vacation, welcome back our new PhD student Hanna Türk.